Want to become a Grit Athlete? 

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      Step 4:  Work hard and crush goals, empowered by your custom training plan!


Grit Coaching Plans

Tier I 
The Weekend Warrior                                                   

This plan is for an athlete looking for a custom strength and run program and is comfortable with monthly coach contact.

Tier I is recommended for independent  athletes who want a structured training plan.

Price: $175/month USD     $225/month CAD

Tier II 
The Stud

Want more coaching contact? This plan is for those seeking a custom strength and run program with regular communication from us, your coaches!

This plan is great for beginners seeking guidance as well as more advanced athletes who like regular check-ins and pre-race chats.

Price: $225/month USD     $285/month CAD

Tier III
The Champion

The full meal deal! Your custom strength and running plan includes unlimited communication with your coaches.  Bounce ideas, check in after workouts - whatever suits you. We are in this together! 

Price: $300/month USD     $380/month CAD


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Other Offerings

Strength Training ONLY

$130USD/month  $160CAD/month

Whether you are a 5km runner or ultramarathoner, beginner or pro, ALL runners benefit from a structured, customized strength program addressing mobility, stability, and strength. We can help!


Are you an OCR athlete who is looking for OCR/Hyrox-specific strength training and already have your running covered? Look no further! 


-One call per month to connect and adjust training plan

-Custom 4 week program including mobility, stability, upper and lower body strength, core, grip work (if applicable), and special injury needs/prevention


-program  includes video instruction accessible via desktop and app

*Does not include endurance programming

*Options to increase coach-athlete contact if desired


Running ONLY

$130USD/month $160CAD/month

Do you already follow a strength program but want some help with building your running?




Are you a pure runner looking for a custom training plan? 


5km-Ultra runners, OCR, or Hyrox:


This is for you! 


-One call per month to connect and adjust training plan

-Fully custom 4 week run program created for your goals and/or race schedule

-Run-specific activation, mobility, and injury prevention exercises

*Does not include strength training

*Options to increase coach-athlete contact if desired


Cross Training/ Return to Run for Injured Runners

$175USD/month $225CAD/month

Dealing with training during a period of injury can be TOUGH to navigate.


Luckily, Coach Jess is a pro at maintaining fitness and returning to running! She will guide you through cross training and returning to running post-rehab, and Coach Faye will prescribe mobility and accessory exercises.


-One call to get to know you and your injury story, capabilities, and limitations

-Customized 4 week program including cross training workouts and/or a return-to-run protocol to maintain pre-injury fitness and return to running safely

-Accessory exercises including mobility and stability work to complement your rehab work

-Weekly check-ins and program adjustments made as needed​.