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2D Virtual Gait analysis

Each running step transfers 3-5x your body weight through your muscles, tendons, and bones. Most of us haven't been explicitly "taught" how to run, and stride biomechanics should not be glazed over. Assessing your running form to find potential areas for improving biomechanics can help to prevent injuries and improve running economy and performance.

While in-person 3D gait analysis with markers and multiple cameras provides the most precise data, 2D gait analysis is extremely useful for identifying key gait and strength impairments which would be beneficial to address. Jessica O'Connell is a RunDNA Certified Gait Analysit, and uses her track and field background to help you optimize your stride. 

How it works

A 2D remote gait analysis is easy to facilitate! 

You provide ~10 seconds of running video on a treadmill from a few different angles (instructions provided). Then, we do the nerdy work! 

On a follow-up call, you'll receive a detailed report outlining characteristics of your gait and a few key areas that could be optimized, along with exercises to help.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 144226.png

Lets do it!

Click here to purchase a gait analysis! 

Within one business day, you will receive instructions on next steps including how to film your gait and when to book your follow-up call. After receiving your gait videos, your analysis can be delivered within 1-2 weeks. 

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