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Faye's Tips on Tackling Obstacles in Sloppy Conditions

Obstacle racing in bad (i.e. wet, dewy, cold or muddy) conditions can make even the most obstacle proficient athlete look like a totally newbie.

Here are 5 tips to have success even in the worst of conditions:

1) Try a reverse grip, where one hand grasps overhand and the other underhand - this will always be a more secure grip.

2) Try “locking off” or at least pulling yourself up higher. More elbow flexion will allow you to rely more on your upper body muscles and less on your grip.

3) Keep your hands as dry as possible and use whatever you can to wipe them before your attempt.

4) Try matching hands (i.e two hands per hold) instead of swinging through holds which can cause a sudden and unexpected slip.

5) If cold hands is your problem invest in a good pair of racing gloves that keep your hands warm. You lose a significant amount of grip strength when your hands are cold.

Happy racing!

-Faye Stenning, bKin

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