Most runners know that they would benefit from strength training, but they aren't sure where to start. 

In this day and age of information overload, there is a need for  high-quality, accessible strength training for runners. This program, designed by Olympian and Exercise Physiologist Jessica O'Connell, does just that.

Unstoppable: Strength for Runners takes the guesswork out of strength training with a complete program designed to improve running performance and reduce risk of injury. HOLA!


The Unstoppable program is delivered through a user-friendly app complete with detailed videos, descriptions, and the ability to track your results.


This streamlined strength program progresses with you with exercises updating monthly as you become stronger and more capable.

There is undeniable evidence that proper strength training WILL make you faster and less likely to become injured. Take your running to the next level with UNSTOPPABLE!

Unstoppable: Strength for Runners Program

Holistic Program

Includes mobility, stability, strength, and core.

Every four weeks, you'll receive fresh exercises as the program progresses with you.


Your personal app contains videos and written descriptions of every exercise.

You can record your results and film yourself to assess your form.


Designed to be done at home or the gym with minimal equipment.

Two ~30 min sessions/week that compliment your running.

Unstoppable: Strength for Runner includes

  • Detailed video demonstrations with verbal and written descriptions of every exercise

  • Suggestions of exercise progressions and regressions to allow you to work at your own level

  • Educational explanations of the "why" behind each monthly program 

  • Minimal equipment to make the program feasible for at-home completion

  • Exercises Jess O'Connell performed while training for the Olympics which any runner would benefit from

  • User-friendly app that allows you to track your progress

  • Fresh programs every month that progress with you

Let's Do It!