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Want to become a Grit Athlete? 

       Step 1: Pick the plan that is right for you (see below)

       Step 2: CLICK HERE to fill out our intake questionnaire

       Step 3: Check your inbox - you will receive an email with a link to book a FREE coaching call to discuss your goals             and ensure we are a great fit

      Step 4:  Work hard and crush goals, empowered by your custom training plan!

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Integrated Endurance and Strength Coaching

Integrated Strength and Endurance Programing

The full package!


You will receive a full training program including strength and endurance training created by a team of coaches working in their area of expertise:

Olympian/Exercise physiologist Jessica O'Connell creates your running plan while OCR star Faye Stenning writes your strength program.


Jess and Faye work as a TEAM to create training that is balanced and synergistic with all pieces working together based on your goals, fitness, equipment, and lifestyle. 

Strength training is delivered through our own app which includes videos of every exercise and the ability to track results.

Run training is delivered through the Final Surge platform which integrates with many GPS platforms. You are able to download your workouts directly on to your Garmin watch for ease. 

Programs are approximately 4 weeks long, with variation due to your racing schedule.

Varying tiers of coaching communication and pricing are available with options to add services à la cart - see below.

Strength + Run Coaching
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GST added to pricing where applicable

Run Coaching

Run Coaching

Run coaching
Program design + communication

Run coaching by Jessica O'Connell, Olympic runner and MSc Exercise Physiology. 

Run coaching includes a custom run training plan created for YOU based on ability, training history, schedule, and goals. Custom programs are delivered in 4 week blocks. Warm up and recovery routines are also included. There are no start up fees or term commitments.


Run training is delivered through the Final Surge platform which integrates with Strava, Garmin, and other GPS platforms. Athletes have the ability to sync interval workouts directly onto their Garmin watches for easy execution. Final Surge allows for easy training delivery and analysis by both you and Coach Jess! 

One-on-one Coaching: Work with a run coach to bring your training to the next level! This service is for athletes of any ability - from beginner to elite, recreational or competitive. You will receive a monthly training plan designed just for you based on your history, goals, and lifestyle as well as ongoing feedback, training and racing advice, education on training principles, and motivation from Olympian/Exercise Physiologist Jess! 


Between each training block, you'll have a coaching call/zoom/email with Jess to review, assess, and plan. Training communication is provided regularly (daily or weekly) through Final Surge along with options for mid-program adjustments and pre-race strategy calls.


View One-On-One Coaching Options


Custom Training Plan: Looking for a structured training plan to follow while training for a big event, but don’t need regular communication? This hands-off service is ideal for experienced athletes who are looking for the accountability provided by a structured, expertly-designed custom training plan but are comfortable without regular advising. A custom training plan includes an initial phone call to discuss current training, lifestyle, schedule, and goals. Plan is delivered in four week blocks with monthly email correspondence to check in and tweak training as necessary. 


This is NOT recommended for new athletes, those who desire coaching feedback, or those recovering from an injury.

For all plans, additional coaching calls and program updates are available à la cart  for a nominal fee (click to view)

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Run Coaching Options

GST added to pricing where applicable

Strength Coaching

strength coaching

strength coaching
Program design  

OCR athletes and runners looking to level up training with a custom strength program - this is for you! Custom strength programs are created by Faye Stenning, OCR star and kinesiologist! 


Each program block is created for YOU based on goals, training history, prior injuries, and equipment available and includes elements of strength, stability, mobility, and injury prevention. 

Strength training is delivered through our own app with videos and detailed written descriptions of every exercise. The app also allows you to record your results and video yourself to review your form.

Programs are approximately 4 weeks long, with variation due to your racing schedule.

Between each program, you'll have a phone/zoom/email check in with Faye to discuss how the program went and plan for the next.

Price: $130/month USD     $160/month CAD + gst

strength for runners program

A streamlined, highly accessible strength training program for runners of all levels.


Unstoppable is a hand’s-off  (not custom) monthly strength program designed specifically for runners to complete at home in two ~30 min sessions/week. Run-specific mobility, stability, and core work are emphasized with a goal of improving run performance and reducing risk of injury.

Other options

other options
return to run

the backup plan
Cross training /Return to Run for Injured Runners

Dealing with training during a period of injury can be TOUGH to navigate.


Luckily, Coach Jess is a pro at maintaining fitness and returning to running! She will create a custom cross training plan designed around your schedule, injury, and equipment access with a goal of preserving fitness during your time of injury. She can also help with transition back into running with a progressive return-to-run plan.

The Backup Plan includes an initial call to discuss your injury and needs and a four week cross training and/or return-to-run plan.

Options for additional communication are available as add-ons.

Jess has also written a free e-book on cross training for injured runners.

View here!

$130/month USD $160/month CAD + gst

Coaching consult call

Would you like to speak with expert coaches and athletes about your training? 

Coaching consult calls are for athletes who are not currently working with Grit Coaching. These calls can be used to discuss goals, training, race strategy, obstacle technique, pacing, race-day nutrition, etc. 

Calls can be with Faye (OCR/Strength specialist), Jess (endurance/exercise physiology specialist), or both. 


Calls must be pre-paid. A call consist of a 45-minute session via phone or zoom. Upon booking, you will receive a questionnaire asking for background information pertinent to the call. 

Price: $80 USD /45 min call

consult cal
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add-ons for Grit Athletes

For Current one-on-one Grit Athletes:

A la carte communication and programming add-ons for a small fee

(if not included in current program package)


Note - this discounted option is for one-on-one coaching clients (run and/or strength), not those using the Unstoppable app.

30 minute call

For pre-race strategy, post-race debrief, season planning, or general training:

$30 USD




30 min video strength form assessment session:

Opportunity for athletes receiving strength programming to obtain feedback on form and technique:

$30 USD


Program adjustments:

For changes to run and/or strength program due to injury, race schedule change, or life event. 

$30 USD

Contact Grit via email to set up

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