Faye and Jess met in Junior High school and instantly bonded over their love for running. Little did they know that their journey would traverse innumerable miles as training partners, eventually shaping much of their lives. They share the type of deep friendship one can only have with a teammate - the ability to relate and be supportive while relentlessly pushing one another. A little tough love never hurt anyone! 

There is likely no other coaching duo in the world with the experiences of these ladies. Between the two of them are over 25 years of endurance training at a world-class level, two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree in kinesiology, CSEP-CEP Exercise Physiologist accreditation, a former personal training career, ample experience with scientific kinesiology research, and above all, first-hand knowledge of grit and the grind.

Faye Stenning
Elite OCR Racer
Instagram: @fayestenning_ocr

Faye began competitive running in junior high school when her gym teacher convinced her to join a track club. It wasn’t long before she was lapping the boys and soon became one of the top  junior-aged distance runners in the country. However, the early success, pressure, and Faye’s relentless ability to outwork everyone finally caught up with her. By the middle of high school she had suffered a few overuse injuries and the dreaded puberty finally showed it face. What followed was a few years of chasing times which once came effortlessly, but she was determined to push on and see what she was made of.  

Faye ran on the University of Calgary’s track and cross country teams and began her career as a personal trainer following graduation. She shared her love of fitness with a diverse clientele while inspiring anyone she encountered to live healthier and fitter lives. Faye brought her knowledge and experience together and began training her clients (and herself) with a heavy emphasis on strength training and metabolic circuits. It was this type of training that not only took her clients to new levels but would serve her well in her next athletic endeavor, obstacle course racing.

With a strong aerobic base and having built some serious strength, Faye quickly became a dangerous threat to obstacle course racers around the world. In 2014 she placed 12th at the Spartan World Championship. The last three years Faye has been focused on her ultimate goal of being crowned the World Champion.


In 2016 Faye had a big year; she was signed on the Spartan Pro Team, finished 2nd in the US Spartan Championship Series, 3rd at the Spartan World Championship and managed to hold the number one spot in the global world ranking throughout 2016.

Aside from being totally addicted to pushing her body to the limit, what keeps Faye coming back year after year is the OCR community. Nothing makes her happier than getting to travel and share her love of fitness and adventure with so many positive and inspiring people.  She truly lives the “work hard play hard” mantra to the fullest.

Jessica O'Connell
5000m Olympian,
MSc in Kinesiology
Instagram: @jessmoconnell
Twitter: @jess__oconnell
Blog: jessicaoconnell.blogspot.ca

Jess began her athletic career with a decade-long involvement in Irish dance before transitioning to track and field in high school. Her early dancing days paid off, and she ended up very strong and fit with a keen sense of the rewards that accompany dedication and effort. 

Jess is one of Canada's fastest 5000m runners, and has a blistering personal best of 15:06. She has been named to 18 national teams in the disciplines of track and field, cross country running, and road racing, and is a 17-time Canadian Championship medalist and national record holder in the indoor 3000m event.

Jess attended West Virginia University on a full scholarship, where she was an All-American in track and field and graduated magna cum laude with a BS in Exercise Physiology and minors in Biology and Sports Psychology. She then completed an MSc in Kinesiology - Health and Exercise Physiology at the University of Calgary, while continuing to train full-time. She is an accredited exercise physiologist, holding the CSEP-CEP certification, and works as a researcher in the Human Performance Laboratory in Calgary. She has also worked as a track and field coach and as a personal trainer with clients with a range of disabilities.

Most recently, Jess competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics in the 5000m where she finished 26th. This was certainly a career highlight, but she isn't done yet! Jess believes her best running days are still ahead of her, and has her eyes set on breaking the Canadian 5000m record and becoming a finalist at the 2017 World Track and Field Championships. 

It takes a community to raise an athlete, and Jess is passionate about returning the favor.  One of the favorite groups she works with is Fast and Female, an organization empowering girls ages 8-18 to stay in sport. 


Jess believes the most important attribute an athlete can have is genuine, humble enjoyment and appreciation of sport and the opportunities it creates.