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Corporate and group Training

Elevate fitness and wellness in your workplace with Grit Coaching! 

Work alongside Jessica O'Connell, Olympian and Master's level Exercise Physiologist, and Faye Stenning, strength specialist and one of the world's best OCR racers. We create custom training programs and coaching catered to any fitness level and schedule.

Benefits of fitness training for your office or group include:

  • Improved health and stress management. There is no question that exercise is crucial for optimal mental and physical health! Improved health decreases healthcare costs and absenteeism. 


  • Improved team dynamics. If you've ever been on a sports team before, you'll know that a strong bond is formed when you and your peers are physically exerting yourself in pursuit of a goal, together. This carries over to the workplace when faced with tasks and challenges that require concentrated effort and comradery.

  • Improved productivity. Individuals are their best, most productive selves when they are mentally and physically healthy, and exercise will help. Research also shows that companies with a corporate fitness program retain employees longer than those who don't.


Why work with Grit Coaching?


The best corporate fitness programs create a culture of wellness that encourage employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle through education and social support. As your coaches, we guide you every step of the way with custom training plans and access to expert coaching guidance and inspiration.


Working closely with a coach improves compliance and motivation, fosters team building, facilitates better fitness outcomes, and enhances overall experience. 

Workplace fitness is a great thing - we help you take it to the NEXT LEVEL! 



We are experienced in delivering inspirational talks centered around our athletic journeys with themes including: goal setting, redefining failure, preforming under pressure, and optimizing one's potential. 

We can also provide educational seminars on fitness and wellness topics including cardiovascular and strength training, goal setting, and  nutrition.


Training Plans

We create bespoke training plans for your group created based on your schedule, equipment, and goals. These plans can be build towards a key event, like a race or fitness challenge, or can focus on general wellness.

All of our training plans are delivered through streamlined apps and desktop applications and include a wholistic balance of cardio and/or strength training, injury prevention, mobility, and recovery.


Group Coaching

Expert coaching for your group as you train towards a key event like a race, or for general health and fitness. We can provide custom training plans as well as coaching interaction through webinars and zoom/in-person meetings. 

Working with a coach provides motivation, education, and guidance as your group works towards shared goals.




"20 of us took part in Grit’s Corporate Run Package in the spring. I wanted someone smart to coach our company's run club! The group included runners of all levels–from “Couch to 5K” to “Marathoners”.


Jess did an amazing job customizing the training plans to suit our group's diverse needs. We also enjoyed the monthly educational sessions about all things training (or racing). Plus, everybody found using FinalSurge App and the social board powerful for group motivation.


Jess’ pronounced knowledge in running mechanics, fitness development and mental prep was the obvious key to the finishing times of all our runners. Thanks Grit Coaching for getting our team to the finish line!"

-Frances Hoffman, Pod Marketing

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