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about us

In a world of "instagram fitness" and generic workout plans, it can be difficult to find good quality information. 


OCR star Faye Stenning and Olympic runner / Exercise Physiologist Jessica O'Connell saw a strong need for access to high-quality coaching and teamed together to offer effective, science-informed bespoke online training for athletes around the world.



WE UNDERSTAND that many athletes who enjoy running and OCR want to take their performance to the next level, but are unsure how. Often, athletes are best-served by a customized training plan and mentorship not offered by templated, hands-off training programs. 

WE PROVIDE  affordable services which allow athletes of any ability to access expert coaches. Our programs are completely custom and created only for YOU based on your goals, equipment, level, past injuries, and lifestyle.

WE HAVE the rare combination of world-class athletic experience  and Master's level education in sport science. We deeply understand the science behind training as well as how it feels to chase goals and compete. We have created hundreds of training programs with care and integrity.

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What We Do





"Grit Coaching helped me take my performance to a whole new level of strength, speed and injury prevention. I thought I was fairly on top of my strength game, but having Jess create running-specific programming, and Faye create me strength programming for whatever event goals I threw at her resulted in my best season ever. This even included a win at Spartan Race World Championships!

These ladies taught me that being strong doesn't mean you sacrifice speed - just the opposite. I felt more explosive than ever during run workouts, went two whole seasons without even a hint of an injury, and even competed at some strength-based events like Dekafit "Heavy" that previously would have felt way out of my league.

Programs were motivating to follow, which made my strength training sessions way more fun, and I learned so much that I can incorporate into my future training.  whatever races come up next, and most importantly, I enjoy my training every day!

Lindsay Webster, Spartan/OCR World Champion and elite endurance athlete

Running Track

Meet The coaching Team


Faye Stenning

Elite OCR racer

Bkin Kinesiology


Jessica O'Connell

Olympic runner

MSc Exercise Science

CSEP-Clinical Exercise Physiologist

w/ High Performance Specialization


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