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Cross training
& return-to-run

Custom cross training plans and return-to-run progressions designed to help you maintain fitness and come back from injury smoothly.


Runners are no stranger to overuse injuries, but time off running doesn't necessarily have to stop progression towards your goals. Cross training WORKS!

During a time of injury, it can feel like a lot is out of your control. Having a cross training and/or return-to-run training plan to follow creates structure and a sense of normalcy as you rehab your injury. You'll also have an opportunity to preserve much of your hard-earned fitness! 

Former pro runner (and Exercise Physiologist!) Jessica O'Connell spent much of her time in the months leading into the Rio 2016 Olympic Games cross training while rehabbing a running injury. She was able to maintain form and qualify for the games! Now, she loves helping other runners to continue to pursue their goals during a time of injury.


We specialize in :

  • Cross training plans using available time and equipment during a period when running isn't possible

  • Return-to-run plans for those who are cleared to begin running again


The online nature of Grit Coaching makes high quality coaching accessible anywhere. We create 100% individualized training programs created based on your goals, training and injury history, available time, and location.

Take the guesswork out of cross training with guidance from Grit Coaching! 

Coach Jess O'Connell

Jess O'Connell is a 2016 Olympian in the 5000m and 15x national team member in track, cross country, and road running. While competing as a professional runner, she also completed a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology. Combining her lived athletic experience and learned education in sports science, Jess coaches track and cross country at the University of Calgary. 

Jess knows how gutting it can be to experience an injury - she's had quite a few in her day! One of Jess's superpowers as an athlete was her ability to cross train during an injury and return to racing in short order. She loves sharing her learned experience and helping others through injury. 


Cross Training Coaching Includes:

Custom Program

Each program is made for YOU based on your goals, injury restrictions , equipment, and available time.

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Training is delivered via Final Surge, a platform which integrates with your smartwatch and Strava to make tracking progress and providing coaching feedback simple! 
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Coaching Guidance

Injuries can be overwhelming and lonely to navigate.

Guidance from Jess empowers you with understanding of your rehab and comfort that you are doing what you can.

Cross training /Return to Run for Injured Runners

Dealing with training during a period of injury can be TOUGH to navigate.


Luckily, Coach Jess is a pro at maintaining fitness and returning to running! She will create a custom cross training plan designed around your schedule, injury, and equipment access with a goal of preserving fitness during your time of injury. She can also help with transition back into running with a progressive return-to-run plan.

Coaching includes an initial call to discuss your injury and needs and a four week cross training and/or return-to-run plan.

Options for additional communication are available as add-ons.

Jess has also written a free e-book on cross training for injured runners.

View here!

$130/month USD $160/month CAD + gst


The Backup Plan
Free ebook on cross training!

Injured runners: This is a resource for YOU! Jess has put together a free ebook on tips, tricks, and advice for managing cross training during running injuries, especially when trying to maintain fitness.



Want to become a Grit Athlete? 

Step 1: Pick the plan that is right for you (see above)

Step 2: CLICK HERE to fill out our intake questionnaire

Step 3: Check your inbox - you will receive an email with a link to book a FREE (no obligation) coaching call to discuss your training and ensure we are a great fit

Step 4: Work hard and crush goals, empowered by your custom training plan!

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